Urban Exploration

Urban exploration (often shortened as urbex or UE) is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment. Photography and historical interest/documentation are heavily featured in the hobby and, although it may sometimes involve trespass onto private property, this is not always the case and is of innocent intention.

Urban exploration is also commonly referred to as infiltration, although some people consider infiltration to be more closely associated with the exploration of active or inhabited sites. It may also be referred to as draining (when exploring drains), urban spelunkingurban rock climbingurban caving, or building hacking.

Plymouth College of Art: Young Art’s Club

Young Arts Club provides inspiring, creative activity for 4 – 18 year olds

Young Arts Club runs on Saturdays, evenings and during school holidays. Many of our students return each year to learn new skills and develop existing ones.

Parents tell us that attending Young Arts Club builds confidence, creative independence, new friendships and a widened appreciation of the creative arts.

Now Enrolling for 2013-14!

Courses will be timetabled this month and subjects will then be stated on the website. We timetable a mix of art, design, craft and media subjects for each age group and a typical range of subjects on Saturday Arts Club would be Photography, Ceramics, Printmaking, Graphics, Animation and Fashion/Textiles. 

Evening Arts Club provides weekday evening courses for young people who have an interest in a specific subject. Each course intake will focus on a new project and set of skills or techniques. Join any time of year, dip in and out or sign up for the whole year. Returning students can develop their skills within a new project brief. New students will be taken through an introduction to the subject. All abilities are catered for.

Summer 2014

Five days of fun and creativity for 13 – 16 year olds.


Work with others to learn computer programming using a Raspberry Pi.


Using our new high-tech equipment in our Fab-Lab, design and create unique objects to wow your friends.


Work with others to produce a short animated film which will then be screened to an invited audience.

Content from: www.plymouth.art.ac.uk

Student Job: Student Beans Campus Brand Manager

Thought I should give this a share as it looks interesting – content from here.

Bag the job that will make you the most popular student on campus!

All the Jelly Belly beans you and your friends can eat, loads of studentbeans.com merchandise and the opportunity to gain an award from an accredited sales and marketing board, which will look AMAZING on your CV. What more could you want from a job whilst you study at uni?

The role

We are giving you the power to get discounts on all your favourite shops in your uni city. Whatever you and your friends want to pay less for, as a studentbeans.com Campus Brand Manager… you can get it!

You’ll be the face of studentbeans.com on campus and carry out weekly challenges to increase awareness of our brand and signups to the site using a range of marketing skills. You’ll be rewarded with a potential summer placement or job at the end of the programme.

You’ll receive invaluable sales and marketing training, plus develop essential and transferable skills to add sparkle to your CV. This opportunity will help you stand out to graduate employers in the tough market.

Are you sociable, results driven, confident and an effective communicator? If so, we want to hear from you.

Key duties

Building relationships with the best student businesses in your city.

Managing the content for your city.

Being the face of studentbeans.com on campus and creating awareness to get new sign ups to the site

Promoting studentbeans.com in a way that appeals to students (for example, plenty of jelly bean incentives).

Working on promotional and research campaigns on behalf of The Beans Group and its clients.

Recruit a wider team for the following year.


Strong communication skills, the ability to influence others and to be able to express yourself clearly and confidently.

Innovative and flexible

Able to look for and develop new solutions to problems and challenges. Willing to adapt a plan when necessary.

Committed to results

Persistent, able to priorities and willing to go the extra mile.

Personal effectiveness – strong time management skills, and effective planning.

Strong team player.

Aware of own strengths and weaknesses, and ready to work as a member of a team.

Energy, drive, and enthusiasm.

The programme runs from September.

studentbeans.com already works with some of the biggest brands in the world such as Microsoft, Red Bull and Apple. Come and join us and add to our growing number of partners.

Hurry, don’t miss out. Apply now!

(Applications should consist of a cover letter and CV.)

Money, Money, Money – Free Stuff…


This post is a start of a series for me and hopefully Hazel will guest blog post as she will be going away to University this year and this series is kind of aimed at students to save money.

This first post is going to be about Free Stuff – come on we all love getting stuff for free or a lower price,  any body had any success or failure stories of haggling.

O2 Priority Moments –

Freecycle –

Student Bursaries and Grants including DSA -

NUS Card (Student Discounts) –

Loads of companies offer you student discounts for being a student, here’s our list:

  • Accessorize: An NUS card gets you 10% off in participating stores and online.
  • Adobe: Up to 80% discount on software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver or the full Creative Suite. Applies to university and college students, as well as academic staff. Valid student ID or proof of eligibility required.
  • Amazon.co.uk: An NUS Extra card gets you a 5% discount off books/DVDs/CDs.
  • Animal: An NUS Extra card gets you 10% off online
  • Apple: 13-14% off all macs which makes them a great deal. Also around September look out for them, get a mac get £65 to spend at the Mac App Store back to school discount.
  • ASOS: 10% off with NUS Card. Promotional increase to 20% off with NUS every now and again.
  • Autodesk: Free software downloads for university students, including full versions of AutoCAD, Maya and 3dsMax. University email address required.
  • Bench: 25% discount off full price Bench product in Bench stores & online for NUS
  • Cass Art : 15% discount with NUS or student oyster card (includes those in 6th form)
  • Comet: 5% off laptops over £499, 10% off printers, mice, keyboards and peripherals (excludes data storage), 20% off all single and multipack ink cartridges with NUS extra
  • DigiArea Twitter: Follow to DigiArea and as a follower, get summer discount of a 10% for atlas 2 for Maple – the newest version of modern differential geometry package atlas 2.
  • Dominos: 25% off when you spend over £25 with NUS card, £5 off when you spend £20 with UCAS card
  • Faith Shoes: 10% discount. Only in store- website excluded.
  • GAP: 10% off.
  • Hostgator: 20% off all website hosting orders. Use promotion code – studentpromo
  • Indigo Clothing: For any order get one extra piece free on all custom clothing including t-shirts, hoodies and polo shirts. Exclusive student offer!
  • La Senza: 10% off full price merchandise.
  • Lipsy: 10% off full price merchandise with NUS
  • London School of Barbering: £5 men’s haircuts or hot towel shaves. Click “book a cut” and use code of “£5 STUDENT CUT OR SHAVE“.
  • Loccit: FREE Greetings Cards using Facebook photos with student voucher code: FREECARD69
  • Matalan: 10% off with any valid student card instore, NUS online
  • McDonalds: Free hamburger, cheeseburger or McFlurry when purchasing a meal with your NUS card (Participating restaurants).
  • Microsoft: Students get Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010 for £49.99 with The Ultimate Steal (university email address required).
  • National Express: 25% off selected coach travel with valid NUS Extra card. Exclusions apply
  • New look: 10% off males and females clothes. (often have special 20% off at beginning of each term)
  • Nicky Clarke: 40% off haircuts at Nicky Clarke Salons for NUS card
  • O2: A range of student offers on Pay & Go, Pay Monthly, Sim Only and Mobile Broadband.
  • Orange: Students get discounts when buying a new mobile phone. Last time checked it should be 10% off. I am not sure about instore but it is applicable online. Check instore for details.
  • The Original Factory Shop: Special range of products discounted especially for students. Mainly appliances and kitchenware.
  • Peacocks: 10% off in store (20% off for a short time period in Autumn/Winter)
  • Phoenix Software: Heavily discounted software packages (Microsoft Office, Windows 7, Adobe, Norton) for all registered UK students
  • Pizza Hut: 20% off full price menu in Restaurants and Delivery with NUS Extra card (Sunday – Thursday only!)
  • Play.com: 5% off on selected products including DVDs, Games and CDs with an NUS card
  • Print My Own: 20% off all items when you design your own t-shirts and other goodies (enter discount code STUDENT20 at checkout)
  • Ryman: (All stores) 10% off. (12.5% for NUS)
  • Schuh: 10% off with a student card.
  • Select: 10% off with student card
  • Shakeaway: 10% off with NUS card / University ID
  • SNAPfax gets you various discounts with both local and UK wide shops, restaurants, takeaways, cinemas, bars, pubs and more.
  • Software4Students: You can get all office editions (mac as well) for under £40 along with other software. Open to sixth formers as well
  • STA Travel This website offers discounted flight/holiday rates for students, however you can also book at great prices for non students too.
  • Superdrug: 10% with valid NUS Extra card. Standard student ID not accepted.
  • Tucci Store: 10% off full priced menswear & womenswear with valid student e-mail address
  • Virgin Mobile: 15% off whatever you spend on Virgin Mobile and Mobile Broadband with your NUS Extra number
  • Vodafone: 10% off your line rental when you upgrade or get a new plan
  • Warehouse: 10% off all year round with NUS card; occasional 20% off events
  • Urban Outfitters: 10% off with NUS card (Except on Oxford St. Store in London where they offer no discount)
  • YoSushi!: Register online and print off voucher with a valid student/NUS card for 25% off year round
  • Cloggs: 10% off some of the high street’s hottest footwear when you enter STUD10 at the checkout



Home Network Design: Step 1: Planning and Design

  • I’m going to explain on how to design a network addressing scheme that allows for multiple subnets and uses Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR). I then have to justify my design choices. I’m going to design this in view to a home network something not commonly done.

First of all I’m going to explain some definitions:

  • IP Address: This is an unique ID address to one host/device/interface on the network.
  • Subnet: This is a sub section of a network sharing a specific subnet address.
  • Subnet Mask: A 32-bit combination which describes which part of a network address relates to the subnet and which part relates to the host.
  • Interface: A Network Connection.

Lets understand some acronyms:

  • WAN—Wide Area Network. Also known as the internet.
  • LAN—Local Area Network. Your internal network, also known as your domain or your intranet.
  • DMZ—De-Militarized Zone. An area where you have placed servers that the public at large — or at least people outside your network — need access to
  • DHCP—A type of service that automatically hands out IP addresses. Many types of network devices are configurable as DHCP servers.
  • WAP—Wireless Access Point.  Essentially, a wireless switch.
  • NIC—Network Interface Card.

Understanding IPv4 Addresses

Like I mentioned a IP Address is a virtual address used for a host or device on a IP network, everything which connects to a IP network gets assigned a IP address via the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) working on either the router or the server, the IP address can also be manually configured by the host device and this would then be referred to as a Static IP Address. Some companies might not have DHCP set up which is a service that dynamically hands out IP address to devices, this would then require a admin of the network to set up a static address on that particular device. A bit is either a 1 or a 0.

IP Addresses are made up of 32 Binary Bits which can be divided into the network portion and the host portion, this is done by the use of a subnet mask. The 32 binary bits are broken into four octets (1 octet = 8 bits). Each of the 4 numbers in an IP Address is called an octet.  This is then converted decimal for easier understanding. The octets can be broken down to make an addressing scheme for the network which can either be a large or small network. There are five different classes of networks, A to E. If you’re given an IP address you can determine its class by looking at the first 3 sections of the address. Each octet can either have a number from o to 255 because of the way binary works:

  • 000000000 = 0
  • 11111111 = 255

What do you need to think about when you’re planning a IP addressing scheme?

  • How many IP Addresses do you need now?
  • How many IP Addresses do you need in the future?

Rules for I.P Addresses:

  • The first octet cannot be 127
  • The 127 range is reserved for diagnostics.
  • aka localhost is referred to as a loopback address.

What Devices will need a IP Address:

  1. iMac (27-inch, Mid 2010)
  2. Gaming Rig Windows 8 Workstation
  3. Microsoft Surface RT 32GB
  4. Nokia Lumia 925
  5. Mother’s Kindle Fire
  6. iPhone 4S White
  7. iPhone 4S Black
  8. Sister’s Laptop – Toshiba Windows 7
  9. Raspberry Pi Model A
  10. Arduino with Ethernet Shield
  11. Custom Home Built Wireless Router
  12. Home Theatre Personal Computer
  13. Windows Server 2012
  14. PBX Server and Clients
  15. DMZ Zone
  16. Web Server, File Server, Linux Machines

Maximum = 100


  1. Ben
  2. Amy ( Sister)
  3. Mia (Niece)
  4. Jackie (Mother)
  5. Guest’s
  6. Server’s
  7. Media
  8. Security and Access Control.
  9. PBX Devices
  10. Home Automation
  11. Other’s


Ahh… camping, the county side, the fresh air, some people love it and some hate it,  I myself personally couldn’t give you my opinion of it properly as I actually haven’t been before… yes shocking I know but oh well, so when I got I invited by my girlfriend’s family for a week camping I nearly bit there hand off, how could I refuse, I get to do something I’ve never done before and from the masses of Famous Five and Secret Sevens book I’ve read, two series’ by famous British author Enid Blyton around the 1950′s, where the group of five children go off camping and happen to stubble on a mystery every single time they go sounds fun and interesting, but I also got to spend the whole week with Hazel. Perhaps not quite like the Famous Five, we had most commodities that we would have had at home.

We’re not going that far, but far enough, we both live in East Cornwall and we’re off to the North Devon-Somerset Border near the town of Dulverton, staying at a Caravan Club campsite near the Exmoor and the Exmoor Beast. We’re both sleeping in the tent, which I admit is a little small and perhaps not as comfy as a memory foam bed but oh well, at least it didn’t drip. It’s lovely waking up in the morning and almost the first thing you do is go outside and get hit by the lovely county-side fresh breeze, waking around the campsite and on the way to toilet block in the morning and night-time everybody says Hello, Good Morning, Good Night which makes it a nice little community. Camping is a lovely little hobby.

Some the views we’ve seen and some of the photos we’ve taken have been stunning, simply breath-taking.  Although down in the South West and in particular Cornwall we’re used to county side views. Hazel is a photography as well as starting a BA in Fashion Design as De Montfort University this September, so I’m fairly jealous of the camera she’s got and the photo quality it produces. You should hopefully expect to see some photos next week, after editing, of Exmoor Zoo which we ventured to on Sunday, and yesterday we went back down to Exeter to do the Sculpture Trail at The University after visiting a costume exhibition at Killerton House, a gorgeous National Trust property. I’ll give you one piece of advice though after coming home rather adventurously yesterday… NEVER EVER follow a darn satnav, yes it was  a lovely drive but we had no idea where the hell we was or for that matter where we was actually going.

Today, Tuesday the 12th August is more of a relaxing day, while I’m getting last minute college work finished, Anybody fancy finishing off my Mathematics for IT work? No. That’s a shame.

On Wednesday we went to Barnstaple, a large town in West Devon, we had a walk around Green Lanes Shopping Centre and did a teeny bit of shopping… my other half studying fashion you can guess where we spent most of our time… I left with quite a few new clothing items including SpongeBob GEEK pyjamas o_O. The Works is a brilliant shop, several located around the county you can purchase many books for not very much at all, I got a “Digital Art” book for £3.99. We then found a Maplisn

Thursday – Minehead.


Junk Shop.